Joining Elite Talent Agency

To join Elite Talent Agency please visit Join us and complete the online form. Once an application has been received we will aim to reply to you at our earliest convenience and this will generally be within 7 days. We will only consider taking on a client if we honestly feel that we can get them work within the industry. The agency’s decision is final. 


Please be aware that sometimes clients will be required to attend a casting with less than 24 hours notice and therefore client/parent flexibility is paramount.

There is no joining fee to submit an application to Elite Talent Agency. However, all clients will be expected to provide professional headshots if accepted.

Instead of charging a registration fee Elite Talent Agency receive commission on all fees except expenses. Our commission rates vary from 15% to 25%.


It’s important to show our clients to their best potential and our photographers ensure that the style of photography on our website stays uniform and to a high standard. Our agency photo shoots are exterior for clients. Clients are more than welcome to send in additional headshots that they have arranged themselves and these will be kept on file should casting professionals wish to view them, however these headshots will not be featured on the website. 

Sole agents

Elite Talent Agency is a sole agency, unfortunately you cannot be with another agency whilst represented by us. 

Child performance licenses

The Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014 requires all children under the statutory school leaving age, even babies, to obtain a license from their local authority. There are just a few exceptions but if a child will miss school for performances they must have a license. A performance covers a stage show, TV programmes, radio and commercials, films and modelling assignments. A child needs to have their license before the performance takes place. The law requests 21 days to process a license application but most local authorities request at least 7 working days before the first performance. A child does not need a license once they are past the official school-leaving age, i.e. after the last Friday in June of the school year in which they are 16 (Year 11).


Elite Talent Agency are a Spotlight approved agent. Spotlight is the definitive database for performers. It is not compulsory for our clients to register however we strongly recommend doing so. The fees for this are £98 per annum for children and £149 per annum for adults.

Personal Data Policy